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Child Support – general information

The calculation of child support in Florida is controlled by child support guidelines. To calculate child support, there are several factors that must be considered in every case. What is the net monthly income of each party? How many children do the parties have together? What is each parent’s time-sharing with the children? What is the monthly daycare costs of the children? What is the monthly health insurance costs of each party? What is the monthly health insurance cost of the children?

Before agreeing on a child support figure a complete understanding of how net income is calculated including what constitutes gross income and what deductions are allowed from gross income needs to be understood. The correct calculation of net income could have a substantial impact on the actual amount of child support paid.

It is important to also note that there may be reasons to deviate from the child support guidelines due to factors set forth in the Florida Statutes. I will address the issue of deviation in a future separate post.

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