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Domestic Violence – general information

Although many divorce cases involve hurt feelings, the majority of cases do not involve actual domestic violence.

In cases where there has been actual domestic violence (or a party believes they are in imminent danger of becoming a victim of domestic violence), the victimized party has the option of filing an Injunction for Protection against the other party.

The process is started by the filing of a Petition for Injunction for Protection. As part of the Petition, the Petitioner fills out a standardized form which includes a section asking for details as to any past violence (and/or an explanation of why the Petitioner believes they are in danger).The Petitioner signs the Petition before a notary of public.

The Petition is then given to the court for review. If the court believes there is adequate cause to grant the injunction then a Temporary Injunction for Protection is entered.

The Temporary Injunction is then given to the Sheriff’s Office (Police Department) for service on the other party who is called the Respondent.

A hearing is then held approximately 15 days thereafter at which time the Respondent can defend against the allegations and he/she can ask that the Injunction be dismissed.

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